FREE workshop brought to you by Planting the Ivy

Knowing when to start preparing your child for the epic journey that is the college admissions process is essential. The earlier you get started, the better it will be. 

The decisions made in high school can determine your child’s future. Many families don’t start planning for college until Junior Year, and by then, many students have missed valuable time to develop mentor relationships, take challenging courses, and explore their interests. For these reasons, and many more, it is important to start preparing your child at a young age rather than in the last year of school. 

Join Planting the Ivy for a FREE virtual workshop on when it is too soon to prepare for college!

Our CEO & Founder has guided many through this process over her 15-year tenure. As a Cresskill High School and University of Pennsylvania alumnus, she interviews high school seniors all over the country for admission and knows the ins and outs of what colleges are looking for. This is your opportunity to hear the secrets of college prep!

FREE workshop for Cresskill Middle/Senior High School Parents brought to you by Planting the Ivy

February 25, 2021. 7pm